adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged 20210804

Ultraboost on. It’s light overall, the cushioning is not as soft as the legend, the springback is just right, the heel is wrapped well, it won’t feel shaking when landing, the upper is breathable, the sock design is slightly pressure on the instep, and the shoelace is just decoration, which is not of great practical significance. I usually wear cushioning system, which is more comfortable than Ni * * US and freedom ISO. It can be used as a reference for Kinvara. The above experience is only for reference. I can know whether the shoes fit or not only after I put them on for a few laps. Ignore the pair of socks on your feet. I know I don’t match them. I wear socks and overshoes for the first time

quality goods. Because I’ve been wearing UB. I don’t feel comfortable running with ub4.0 and Nike Luna. But, it’s color Sao ah. You can go to the streets as fashion shoes. Don’t show your face. Because I cut a bald head

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